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Our company carries out fire safety knowledge training

Conduct fire control safety knowledge training in order to further improve our office staff awareness on fire control safety, fire fighting skills of actual combat experience, implement the "prevention first, extinguish combined with prevention," the fire control work policy, our company in the morning of August 22, 2018, organize the department staff, hold a fire knowledge and fire drill training activities.


Instructor of fire cases in recent years, in the form of text and pictures vividly describes the popularization ascend fire awareness of the importance of fire safety knowledge, at the same time from the "fire", "fire", "escape" and "save" four aspects in detail introduces the formation process of fire, save your escape method, the correct operation method of fire extinguisher and life care and a series of fire safety knowledge.




Through this fire safety training, further enhanced everyone's fire awareness and fire fighting skills, let everyone understand "life can not come back, safety can not wait" the truth.

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