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Go to Qiandao Lake Tourism

Today, more and more people in the Kangtuo team have become a huge project. The trip to Qiandao Lake in Tonglu is the first tour of the Kangtuo team this year. It is defined as mid-year tourism, and efforts are made by many parties. We do not want to drop people. Everyone has a full family.

On the first day of the tour, Yaolin Wonderland Tour, in the evening to Qiandao Lake, the second day by boat to see the scenery of Qiandao Lake.

Everyone has played this time, let us have a more love for nature, and we are full of enthusiasm for life. In the early autumn of autumn, let us each have further exchanges with the team's colleagues, and let our team have a more harmonious, you have me, I have you, worthwhile.






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